Lily Gryctz

Katherine Hartland

Hunter Schlicht-Wunner

Walk Trot

Harper Rutledge

Emily Burnett

Taylor Rinuao

10 & Under Equitation

Brooke Steiner

Claire James

Juliette Sorum


10 & Under Hunter

Polar Express

Surprise Package

Skye's The Limit

Beginner Rider

Charlotte Grace

Ashley Bradshaw

Mason Rinuado


Novice Equitation

Heather Euler

Kourtney Ciociola

Madison Weichler


Junior Equitation 13 & Under

Ripley Wodzinski

Victoria Roemer

Nora John


Junior Equitation 14-17

Amanda Darby

Jules Astrada

Alexa McCormick


Adult Equitation

Kate Doherty

Tyler DAniels

Judy Schaefer


Pleasure Pony

Benlea Easterlily

Rose Petals

Everly After

Low Children's POny

On EAgle's Wings

Edgewood's Willow

Magic at Last


Children’s Pony

Magic at Last

Ain't Misbehavin'

Three's a Charm

Baby Green Hunter Pony

Edgewood's Willow


Eyes on the Prize

Baby Green Hunter Horse

Steel My Heart

Scip of Vindy

Hard Spun Lover

Pleasure Horse

Wicked Hallucinations

Scip of Vindy


Modified Hunter

Dusty NIckle

The Chosen One

Annie's Gold Charm


TB Hunter

Best Yet

Bless Boileau

Ready ABout


Low Children’s Hunter


No Debae

Country Club Casual

Children's Hunter Horse

Hat City


Low Adult Amateur Hunter



Whattodo Whattodo


Adult Hunter

Peace Party



Bet Bridges

Laura Leroy

Leanne Krick

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