Blue and Gray


Paisley Kohler

Leah Batton

Isla Staub



Walk-trot (8 & under equitation.  Walk, walk/trot, walk/trot pleasure)

Mia Candelano

Maddy Wolf

Lillianna Schaefer



Pre-short stirrup (8 & under Equitation, no jumping - walk, walk/trot, and walk/trot/canter)

Violet Bolitho



Short Stirrup Equitation (10 & under Equitation, x's - w/t, w/t/c, over fences))

Mikaela Rubenstein

Violet Bolith

Audrey Bowen


Short stirrup Hunter (10 & under Hunter, 1'9 - o/f, o/f, under saddle)

Farnley Brigantine

Bella Dore



Pleasure Pony (Children only, 2' - w/t, w/t/c, o/f)

Super Star



Beginner Rider (First 2 years of showing x's, children only - w/t, w/t/c, o/f)

Ada Bolitho

Mina Gladson

Kaylyn Friedland


Novice Equitation (Not won 3 blue ribbons prior to 1/1/14, adults and children, 2'- w/t, w/t/c, o/f)

Stella Gladson

Madelyn Hassinger

LilyAnne Winklemann




Junior Equitation 13/under (2'3 ponies, 2'6 horses - w/t, w/t/c, o/f)

Kaylee Stone

Kalia Hoedemaker

Cady Hahn




Junior Equitation 14-17 (2'3 ponies, 2'6 horses - w/t, w/t/c, o/f)

Leah Baddick

Skylar Zepp

Meghan Hahn




Adult Equitation (2'9 - w/t, w/t/c, o/f)

McKenzie Easter



Pleasure Horse (2'3 - w/t, w/t/c, o/f)

All For Won

Southern Belle

Valentine Night


Low Childrens Pony (2' for all - o/f, o/f, u/s)

Little Joe

Lola Cherry Cola

Fairly Simple


Childrens Pony (2' sm/med, 2'6" large - o/f, o/f, u/s)

Sheza Lucky Penny


Low Adult Hunter (2'6", amateurs only - o/f, o/f, u/s)

A Bit Savy

While in the Woods



Baby Green Hunter Horse (2'3 horses - o/f, o/f, u/s)

Teacher's Pet

Streets on Fire

Valentine Night



Baby Green Hunter Pony (Children only, 2' - o/f, o/f, u/s)

Super Star



2' Modified Hunter (Often called Low Hunter, amateurs and children only - o/f, o/f, u/s)

Bourbon Avenue

Hot Topic

Just a Bunch of Buttons



Long Stirrup (Adult crossrails - w/t, w/t/c, o/f)

Billie Jo Coblentz

Kelly Brown


Tb division (2'3, open to all riders - w/t, w/t/c, o/f)

A Bit Savy

Bass Boat

Bourbon Avenue



Professional Division (choice of 2'6 or 3', nominated by series - o/f, handy o/f, u/s)

Leanne Kohler

Laura Snavely

Krista Scheafer