Triangle Show Series

Colonial Classic Qualifiers


Emerson Spring

Harper Garrett

Charlie Wren


Pre-Short Stirrup

Trace Houghton

Emerson Spring

Norah Kraybill


Short Stirrup Equitation

Kinsley Ferreira

Sophia Atwood

Olivia Ondrik


Short Stirrup Hunter

Kinsley Ferreira

Sophia Atwood

Olivia Ondrik


Pleasure Pony

Pepper Jack

Kings Sky Raven



Pleasure Horse

Fly Four Putney

Bold Rezolution

Precious Few


Beginner Rider

Lilah Lappin

Kinsley Ferreira

Brooke Kennedy


Novice Equitation

Addie Hess

Molly Ciolkose

Sophia Atwood


Junior Equitation – 13 and Under

Darby Nagle

Myla Kerr

Bella Biddle

Junior Equitation – 14 to 17

Madison Weichler

Madison Malcolm

Kelly Barry


Adult Equitation

Sophia Bonsib

Erin Beattie


Low Childrens

Ima Irish Playboy

Talk of the Town

Battle of Royalty


Low Adult Hunters

Jiminy Cricket

Right on Que

Busted on Broadway


Baby Green Pony

Sugar Queen

Honey Buns

Chances Are


Baby Green Horse



Frosted Rose


Modified Hunters – 2’

Sunset Summer Rain

Hot Chocolate

Koda Bear


Long Stirrup

Kristen Sunder

Natalie Brown

Sarah Young


Thoroughbred Division


Grand Finale

Military Mike

Itty Bitty (2’-2’3)
Myla Kerr - Sunset Summer Rain
Cailee Hoang - Dragonsmeade Impulse
Carmen Sensenig- My Golden Ticket

Preliminary (2’6-2’9)
Savannah Lacey - Bennytime
Will Slater- Sir Wallace
Lucy Horowitz - Twitter bug  

Low child (3’)
Grace LaPointe - Rough Cut Diamond Girl
Grace Bresch- Island Pal
Will Slater- Chewy

Children’s (3’3”)
Mallory Sensenig- Wachacha
Maria DiPierro- Falini

Open (3’6-3’9)
Anna Birney- Capitol Fellow

TB (2’9-3’)
Maria DiPierro- Jamarjo
Savannah Lacey- Bennytime
Mallory Sensenig- Wachacha