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Walk-trot -8 & under equitation

 Annabelle Noumoff

 Elliotte Albinson



Pre-short stirrup - 8 & under Equitatio

  Annabelle Noumoff

  Elliotte Albinson



Crossrail Hunter - Open to all children and amateurs.  

Park Place

Top Shelf




Beginner Rider 11-17 - First 2 years of showing x's, children only - w/t, w/t/c, o/f.

 Leah Pfiel

Tristan Chan

 Ella Garbolino


Novice Equitation -Not won 3 blue ribbons prior to 1/1/22, adults and children, 2'- w/t, w/t/c, o/f

 Liliana Cpsuka

 Sophia Carey



Junior Equitation 14-17 -2'3 ponies, 2'6 horses - w/t, w/t/c, o/f

​ Elizabeth Sinclair

 Xaiver Walker



Adult Equitation -2'6/2'9 - w/t, w/t/c, o/f.  Amateurs only.

 Erin Centolanza

 Sarah Pavlini


Pleasure Horse -2'3 - w/t, w/t/c, o/f

 Key West

 Park Place

 Compass Point



Childrens Pony -2' sm/med, 2'6" large - o/f, o/f, u/s

  Honey Badger



Low Childrens Horse -2'6" - o/f, o/f, u/s



Childrens Horse -3' - o/f, o/f, u/s



Adult Hunter -3', amateurs only - o/f, o/f, u/s





2' Modified Hunter Horse (Often called Low Hunter, amateurs and children only - o/f, o/f, u/s)

 ​Top Shelf

 Darby O Day




Long Stirrup -Adult crossrails - w/t, w/t/c, o/f

  Amy Green


Professional Division

​ Genna Centolanza

 Lauren Gould





Puddle Jumpers  (18") Open to all.

Itty Bitty Jumpers (2'-2'3) - open to all

 Honey Badger



Prelim Jumpers (2'6-2'9) - open to all


 Strawberry Daiquiri

 Honey Badger


Low Child/Adult (3') - open to children and amateurs



Open Jumpers (3'6-4') - open to all.  

 Evening Gown

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