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Combined Eastern Shore

Emma Yanus
Harper Hunt
Charlotte Gohrband

Walk Trot
Emma Yanus
Brooke Carpenter
Myka Taylor

Short Stirrup
Adalynn Dixon
Rhyan Parsons
Brianna Pittman

Short Stirrup Hunter
Double Dutch
Above The Clouds

Crossrail Hunter
Knock On Wood
Shake Rattle and Roll

Pleasure Pony
Windy’s We Like It Loud
Hey Jack
Charlotte’s Web

Beginner Rider 10/under
Harper Kenney
Brooke Carpenter
Sofia Gruppo

Beginner Rider 11-17
Addison Richardson
Nora Gorfinkel
Aurelia Alder

Junior Equitation 13/under
Haven Harrison
Sophia Mealey
Nora Rafinski
Junior Equitation 14-17
Kameryn Lewis
Meredith Walston
Anna McWilliams

Adult Equitation
Bradley Helmuth
Colin Glushakow
Amy Smith

Pleasure Horse
Just A Look
Special Agent Gibbs
Colorado Z

Low Childrens Pony
Golden Opportunity
Mischief Managed
Shake Rattle and Roll

Childrens Pony
Not Negotiable

Low Childrens Horse
First Class
Icy Stare
Amazing Grace

Low Adult Hunter
Pinecroft Excalibur

Baby Green Horse
Worth The Wait
Downtown Abbie
IMA Spring Diva

Baby Green Pony
Toy Story
Coco Channel
Chase Me Charlie

Modified Hunter Horse
Just A Look
IMA Spring Diva

Modified Hunter Pony
Golden Opportunity
Dutch Wonder

Long Stirrup
Leighanne Yanus
Chantal Russum
Sydney James

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