Freedom Horse Show Series

Itty Bitty Jumpers


Stealing Kisses



Preliminary Jumpers

Blue Me Away

So Sweet


Thoroughbred Jumpers

Second Approval


Low Child/Adult Jumpers

Shylock Flight

London Gentleman

With Class


Child/Adult Jumpers

With Class




Open Jumpers


El Cuador


2019 Freedom Hunter Colonial Classic Qualifiers

Short Stirrup Hunter

Northwind Sting




Low Children’s Pony Hunter

Northwind Sting

Billy the Kid

Silver Mist


Children’s Pony Hunter

Razzle Dazzle

Love Story HM

Riverboat Blues


Low Children’s Hunter Horse

Battle Royalty

It’s a Partie

I Told You So


Children’s Hunter Horse

Designated Driver

Scatter Creek



Low Adult Hunter


Kirkwood Ranger

Captain Morgan


Adult Hunter


Subtle Hint


Baby Green Hunter - Horse

Second Chance

Solar Eclipse

Mt Caballero


Baby Green Hunter - Pony

Enchanted Encounter


Solo Performance


Modified Hunter

Soldier of Truth

Technical Difficulties

Papa’s Gold


Thoroughbred Hunter

What’s Happening

Battle Royalty

Hildy’s Struggle



Professional Division

Leigh Berman

Alexis Ballance

Amanda Enwright


2019 Freedom Eq/Pleasure Colonial Classic Qualifiers


Addison Kriczky

Kailyn Briggs

Aislynn Jones


Walk Trot Equitation

Joleena Fulmer

Caitlyn Marion

Hope Kline


Preshort/Mini Stirrup Equitation

Allie Kotwas

Evangeline Walsh

Emily Antoun


Short Stirrup Equitation

Lena Gebely

Allie Kotwas

Allie Gilmore


Beginner Rider Equitation

Ava Stone

Ritsika Chekuri

Addison Papa


Long Stirrup Equitation

Susan Gabriel

Carol Wolf

Janet Nason


Novice Equitation

Fiona O’Rourke

Elizabeth Sinclair

Julianna Witherell

Junior Equitation 13 and Under

Emma Spence-Bowen

Charlie Teloh

Maggie Glynn


Junior Equitation 14 and Over

Grace Baum

Megan Vance

Talia Brinker


Adult Equitation

Amber Middleton

Ann Givens


Pleasure Pony

Sirius Black

Enchanted Encounter

Silver Mist


Pleasure Horse

Pretty in Pink

Battle Royalty

Endless Spirit

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