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Open Pleasure
1 Cabalitos Rose Nina Frattali
2 Clever Touch Mallory Mailen
3 Kruzen Together Christine Davis

Modified Hunter
1 Pumped up Kicks Lily Ballino
2 Tonka Toy Kennedy Cannon
3 Naturally Rich Ava Shrader

Novice Equitation
1 Tonka Toy Kennedy Cannon
2 Zada Grace Moses

Lead line
1 Grace/Lets Taco Bout It Michael Sheruda
2 Say Cheese/Gracie Amelia Sheruda
3 Say Cheese Kensington Murray

Beginner Rider
1 Carrot Cake Norah Patterson
2 Skyes The Limit Sarah Lynott
3 Mae&s Debut Madelyn McClure

Open Cross Rails
1 Majestic Del Ray Nevaeh Rembish
2 Grand Salami/Once in a blue moon Adelyn Martzen

Short Stirrup Equitation
1 Lahteedah Sophie Williams
2 Carrot Cake Norah Patterson
3 Nelson Cheeseburger Kassadee Walczak

Long Stirrup
1 Arrrrr Kelsey Murphy
2 Finishing Touch Stepha Martynuk
3 Walk on Water Denise Zdancewicz

Short Stirrup Hunter
1 California Dreaming Nina Kurilla
2 Blazing Thunder Claire Keating

Pre-Short Stirrup
1 Sweet Sugar Memphis Alice Kapp
2 Once in a Blue Moon Kinnsey Byrnes

Mini Stirrup
1 La Di Dah Andie Trapper
2 Elmo Cora Lyle
3 LaddyDah Sadie McGinley

Itty Bitty Jumpers
1 The App For That Nora Yurko
2 Nothin But Naughty Ryann Hubbard

Prelim Jumpers
1 Bewitching Amber Gorton
2 Amazing Reign Whitney Wrobleski

Thoroughbred Hunter
1 Walk on Water Sabrina Zdanewicz
2 Top Gun Alyssa Giamusso
3 Mighty Ville Kim McVeigh

Baby Green
1 Southern Callback
2 Taco Bout It Nina Leeds
3 As If Nina Leeds

Low Adult Hunter 2'6"
1 Lena Bryne Cunningham

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