Swan Lake

Baby Green Hunter Horse or Pony at 2’)
1. Pine Havens Pasquale-Jennifer Thompson
2. Blue Monk-Harriet Notzon
3. Jazz It Up-Savannah Staley

Itty Bitty Jumpers (2’-2’3”)
1. Sunset Summer Rain-Kami Bresch
2. Loafers Lodge Shakti-Willow Kurtz
3. Sea Salted Caramel- Swan Lake Stables

Professional Division 2’6”
1. North Sea -Scotty Sherman
2. Wesley-Katie Groomes
3. MatchPoint-Beverly Sheehy

Prelim Jumpers 2’6”-2’9”
1. Duck Duck Goose-Kay Williams
2. My Luca-Laurel Seimasko
3. Seal The Deal-Tracy Williams

Children’s Adult Hunter / Low Children’s Horse
1.Tell The Truth-Bertha Turnbull
2. Royal Highland-Oldfields School
3. Diangelo-Megan D’amico

Low Adult Hunter
1. Take A Chance on Me- Emily Hernandez
2.She’s A Brit-Missy Green
3.San Pellegrino-Maria Caccamise

1. Mesmerized-Peyton Smith
2. Snack Size-Amelia Miller
3. Song of The South-Shea O’Connell

Professional Division 3’ (3’ only)
1. Castroneves-Jennifer Rogala
2. Lord Classic-Stephanie Moore
3. Sandoro-Deloise Noble-Strong

Low Child/Adult Jumpers 3’ (No Professional)
1. My Only Exception-Grace Riddile
2. Duck Duck Goose-Kay Williams
3. My Luca- Laurel Seimasko

Junior/Amateur Hunter /Child/ Adult Hunter
1.R Quick Arch-Meredith Neely
2. Order Of the Phoenix-Olivia Mauro
3.Enough Already-Cassie Brunett

Novice Equitation
1. Emerald City-Ingrid Mcelroy
2. Nice N Easy-Talia Connelly
3. Never Say Never-Lillian Malkawi

Child/Adult Jumpers 3’3” (No Professional)
1. Killialoan Hero-Emma Hyde
2. BVS Orion-Nicole Wood
3.Wings- Melanie Ferrio-Wise

Open Jumpers
1. Ipsie-Brendan Wise
2. Cracker T-Melanie Ferrio-Wise
3. Solidify-Kaitlyn Nicely Harvey

Short Stirrup Hunter
1. My Dream Come True-Kerrington Knopp
2.SDS Hollywood-Autumn Foreman
3.Power Point-Elise Prall

Children’s Pony/Low Children’s Pony
1. Emerald City-Ingrid Mcelroy
2.Gypsy’s Sweetheart -Olga Mueller
3. Little Blue-Jenny Martin

Pleasure Horse
1. Personal Magic-Turan Atay


Pleasure Pony
1. Nice N Easy-Talia Connelly
2. Never Say Never-Lillian Malkawi