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Swan Lake

Baby Green Hunter Horse or Pony at 2’)
1. Tyruso- Victoria Imes
2. Montey- Jackie Jurata
3. Ballin- Nichole Olarsh

Itty Bitty Jumpers (2’-2’3”)
1. Nobel Zygo-Casey Lattimer
2. Whoop Whoop De Do- Erika Kurtz
3. RR Classy Cody- Eliza Strickler

Professional Division 2’6”
1. Maid to Perfection- Maureen Gregory
2. Alpine Ben Venue- Jessica Schindler
3. Semper Fi- Rachel Jarosz

Prelim Jumpers 2’6”-2’9”
1. Nobel Zygo-Casey Lattimer
2. Seal The Deal- Tracy Williams
3. RR Classy Cody- Eliza Strickler

Low Children’s Horse
1.Ta Dha- Carly Elliott
2. Commodore- Adler Cutright
3. Castaway- Julia Babbington

Low Adult Hunter
1. R’Tesian- Marina Miragliotta
2.Castroneves- Katie Byrum
3.Marly Z8- Jamal Brown

1. Stoppin For Snacks- Ellie Hall
2. Crown Royalty- Addy Hoffman
3. C’s King Triton- Bristol Lesh

Professional Division 3’ (3’ only)
1. Castroneves-Jennifer Rogala
2. Black Russian- Deloise Noble- Strong
3. Sandoro-Deloise Noble-Strong

Low Child/Adult Jumpers 3’ (No Professional)
1. Gray Bandit- Rebecca Stetter
2. Icarus Blue- Meaghan Croteau
3. The Kid Rocks- Meriwether Morris

Novice Equitation
1. Yolanda- Olga Mueller
2. Izzy- Annie Scheffy
3. Iron Alliance- Emma Illig

Child/Adult Jumpers 3’3” (No Professional)
1. Gone Country- Alexis Mierzwa
2. American Express- Elizabeth Yeager
3.Villaneuva Grad- Melanie Ferrio-Wise

Open Jumpers
1. Ipsie-Brendan Wise
2. Zanguinette- Anna Williams
3. Honor Me- Lisa Marie Fergusson

Short Stirrup Hunter
1. Toffee Latte- Chyann Moyer

2. Ginger- Adelyn Livengood
3. Moonshine On- Liza Mcmillian

Children’s Pony/Low Children’s Pony
1. My Little Pony- Arianna Ferraco
2. Pine Havens Pasquale- Carly Clark
3. Maranatha Bristoll Macalla- Brylee Durso

Pleasure Horse
1. Hard Knock Life- Julia Babbington
2. Bayzinga- Olivia Arscott

Long Stirrup
1. Bayzinga- Kayla Whetzel
2.The Perfect Man- Addisen Dommel
3. Lillian Elisabeth- Emily Heiland

1. Holiday Bonus- Amber Holt
2. Ginger- Adelyn Livengood

3. Moonshine On- Brylee Durso

Modified Hunter
1. Yolanda- Olga Mueller
2. Iron Alliance- Emma Illig
3.Tyruso- Victoria Imes

Crossrail Hunter

Aloha Reese Coulter

Nothing But Fire Keira Page

Orchard Hills Southern Kiss Brylee Durso

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