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Welcome Series


 Maxia Knight

 Madden Safa

 Lily McNally

Brynn Dugan

Ava Somers


Sophie Footer

 Chealsea Stewart

 Miriam Phillips


Short Stirrup Equitation

Violet Bolitho

 Madeline Sorum

 Lexi Footer

Short Stirrup Hunter

 Anabell/ Footer

 Not Negotiable/Bobenko

 FoxCreek's Chorus doll / Safa

Low Children's Pony

LL Smoking Hot / Leroy


 Celtic creek's funny girl / Young

Children's Hunter Pony

Kismet/ McKenrick

 Island Girl / Riley Dardis

 cover girl/Railey

Low Children's Horse

Chief's Kiss/ Sophia Pow 

 Kings Oratory/ Boullion

Stonecrest Romance/Boker

Children's Horse

 Cooperstown/ trainer

 Ford, Vendetta/ trainer - Ford 

Low Adult Hunter

 About Time/ Lorraine Dirienzo

 Luric/ Anne Brown

 Sandrino / Terry Walker 

Adult Hunter

 Jukebox/ Sullivan


Modified Horse

 Luric/Anne Brown

 Kings Oratory/ Boullion

 Smooth Criminal /Buck 

Junior Equitation

 Bryce McNichol

 Emma Geyer

 Zoe Duvall

Long Stirrup

Nothing But Fire / Paige


Baby Green

 Titian/ Sullivan

winsome it’s about time / gammon 

templeton / gammon 


Professional division

 Jukebox/ Sullivan

 Be temped/Lanza

 Tempted/ Lanza

Pleasure Horse

Rockstar lady / Noer

 Kings Oratory / Noer


  Smooth Criminal /Buck


Pleasure Pony

 LL Smoking Hot / Leroy

Pretty Persuasion / Barczak

 SouthernCross/  Principie

18 inch jumper

Jane Zara and Norma Rae

itty bitty

Oslynne Imani and Itsyoasphalt 

preliminary jumper

 Jamal Brown and Marley Z8


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