Winters In Bloom


Walk Trot:

Farrah Gombert 


Short Stirrup Hunter:

Romeo/ Karina Sabo

Thanks and Bye/ Sabrina Zdancewicz


Beginner Rider:

Emma Fielding

Mckenzie Kulp


Novice Equitation:

Kaylee Blasick
Leah Rafel


Junior Equitation 14-17:

Brooke Wolfinger


Adult Equitation:

Madison Gianelle

Jackie Annatone


Pleasure Horse:

National Anthem/ Casey Brelsford

ZDutchess/ Lisa Major

Let's Do This


Low Children's Pony:

I'm Down Right Special (L)/ Cove Bear


Children's Pony:

Cornerstone's Star/Brooke Wolfinger


Children's Horse:

Cruise Control/ Alyssa Angelicola


Low Adult Hunter:

Starring My Boy Toy/ Danea Snavely

Tool Time/Emma Trupp

Low Children's Horse

Icy London


Adult Hunter:

El Taco Feliz/Jackie Annatone

Stroke of Luck/Madison Gianelle


Baby Green Hunter Horse:

Pip Pip Hooray/Juliette Pettersen

Roselena/Jan Phillips


Baby Green Hunter Pony:

Grace Abounds/ Olivia VanDine


Modified Hunter:

National Anthem/Rachel Schwartz


Long Stirrup:

Carissa Kasa


Lead Line:

Brooklynne Evans

Ava Schrader


Itty Bitty Jumpers:

Lucrative Alibi/ Taylor Hayes

Batteries Not Included/ Jillian Russoniello


Prelim Jumpers

Domus R/ Kaitlyn Hyduke


Low Child/Adult Jumper

Nothing but Naughty/ Kirsten Howel

El Taco Feliz/ Jackie Annatone

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