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MSA Qualifiers



Emma Frederick

Jada Massey

Zoey Chambers

Jaslene Whitaker


Pre-short stirrup

Jada Massey


Short Stirrup Equitation

Audrey Collier

Nina Williams

Tatiana Nazlymov


Short Stirrup Hunter

Seasons Flarrion

Little Miss Sunshine

OCF Mighty Mouse


Pleasure Pony


HH Halcyon Nicholodeus

Skys the Limit


Beginner Rider

Emilie Radle


Novice Equitation

Katherine Holzrichter

Caroline Garrett

Karilyn Shin


Junior Equitation 13/under

Madison Ingrao

Abby Day


Junior Equitation 14-17

Megan Faery

Hattie Dick

Morgan Rosia




Pleasure Horse

After All

Shady Promise


Low Children's Pony

Texas Hold 'Em



Children's Pony

Greystoke's Dun Deal

Pendermere Legacy

Maranatha Flash


Low Children's Horse

Shady Promise

Ain't I Secial



TB Division

All Nite Long

Muddy Waters

Jet Set


Baby Green

Eye Candy

Radiance Calico Jack



Modified Hunter


HH Amazing Grace

lorn Alliance


Low Adult Hunter

lorn Alliance


Adult Hunter

All Nite Long

Muddy Waters

Jet Set


Children's Hunter


The Lion King

Bond Girl


Professional Division

Casie Mez

Jessica Leonardi


Itty Bitty Jumpers

RR Classy Cody

Hailey's Comet

Severn Hill Good as Gold


Prelim Jumpers

Coastal Living

American Girl

Skys the Limit


Low Child/Adult

So Can I

OB on Time

Magic Jewel



Brief Encounter


Adonis D'Aztian


Pony Jumpers

EZ to Spot

All Dun Up

Ruby Slipper




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