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Frequently Asked Questions

When is it?  September 1-3, 2023


Where is it? Prince George's Equestrian Center, Upper Marlboro, Md.


What is it?  Colonial Classic is a finals horse show for local series that you must qualify for to participate.


How does one qualify?  In order to qualify for the 2018 Colonial Classic, you must first be a member of a participating Local Horse Show Series.  You then will accumulate points from 1/1/2023-8/13/23.  The top 3 riders from each division will be selected by their horse show series to show at the Colonial Classic.    


What hunter and equitation divisions can I qualify for at the Colonial Classic? 

Click HERE to view our division.


Professional division?  My horse show series doesn’t offer that!  The professional division will be an invitational division.  Please talk to your series' administrators to request to be considered.


Can I enter and pay at the show?   Due to the qualification process and the expected attendance, we will not be set up to accept payment or entries at the show.  Entries and payments close on 8/18/23 at noon.


How do I know my entry has been processed?  We will be using to manage entries.  Please check that after you have entered to ensure your entry has been processed.


Will there be a big horse show feel?    There will be the rated show jumps, decorations, jump crew, etc.  We will have neck ribbons for all champions and reserves with victory gallops, pictures in the ring, live scoring, “R” judges, and cooler and trophies for the sponsored divisions.


Will there be vendors?  Yes!  If you are interested in becoming a vendor, please contact Brooke at  Vendor space is very reasonable!


Will there be stabling available?  Yes!   If you are reserving a stall for the weekend you may arrive beginning on Thursday September 1st at 9am and must be vacated by Monday at 12pm.  Day stalls are not available.


Will there be schooling?  Schooling will be all day on Friday August 31st.  You may hack in the rings (except for the jumper ring) prior to the start of the show each day.  Red/blue rounds may be purchased for schooling.   A Red/blue round is a jumping class with an assigned course.  The judge may award a "Red ribbon", or a "blue ribbon"  for your round.  This will be your schooling trip prior to your jumping class in your division.


What obligation do I have as a series administrator?  There is absolutely NO financial obligation to any show series.  The only thing that will be required is that Colonial Classic show management receives the list of qualified riders with an address, email, and phone number by 8/13/23.  The rest will be taken care of by Colonial Classic.


Will there be a professional photographer?  Yes!  Bob Conklin Photography will be photographing both rings and awards.  Pictures will be available at the show for viewing and ordering!


If a rider is banned from one participating show series can they show and qualify for the Colonial Classic at a different participating series?  No.  The Colonial Classic is a strong supporter of all of our participating series, equally.  We will stand by the decision to ban a rider.


Will there be jumpers and what divisions will be offered?  Yes!  The following divisions will be offered.

Puddle Jumpers 18'

Itty Bitty Jumpers - 2'-2'3
Prelim Jumpers 2'6-2'9

Tb Jumpers 2'6-2'9
Low Child/Adult at 3'
Child/Adult at 3'3

Open Jumpers 3'6


What is the Hunter Classic each day?  For anyone showing in a hunter division, you may enter the Hunter Classic Class.  You will receive a score for your 2nd over fences of your division.  At the end of the day, the top 20 scores will be welcome back to do a 2nd round  that will be scored.  The 1st and 2nd scores will be totaled and the top 10 will ride for ribbons. 

How do I get my series involved with the Colonial Classic?  If you are an administrator of a local horse show series that holds at least 3 shows within the qualifying period and would like to send riders to the Colonial Classic, please contact Brooke at

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