Colonial Classic

Local Champions' Finals
Hunters and Jumpers
Horse Park of New Jersey
August 27, 28, and 29
Helpful Tips for the 2021 Colonial Classic
***** 7am start every morning*****
***Saturday and Sunday under saddle classes in the indoor***
1.  You may begin moving in at 10am on Thursday morning.  
2.  Ticketed schooling in all 3 rings begins at 2pm on Thursday and ending at 6pm.  $20 for 10 minutes.  Cash can be taken at the ingate.  Credit cards can be used at the office.  The warmup ring is free.  Hacking in the rings before the show from 5-6:30 (no hacking in the jumper ring on Sunday).  ABSOLUTELY no jumping before the show starts.  
3.  The Horseless horse show begins on Thursday evening after the completion of ticketed schooling (once the course is set).  It is $20 per back number.  You can do any or all of the classes.  6 ribbons are awarded in each class.
1. walk/trot/canter
2. x's
3. 18"
4. 2'
5. 2'6
6. 3'
4  Due to the forecast of beautiful weather, we are using the 2 outdoor rings by the office as the show rings.  
5.  If you are entered in a Blue/Red class you will do that directly before your jumping class.  For example, if you are in Pleasure Horse, you will do  W/T, W/T/C, your Blue/Red, then your jumping class.  Anyone can do the Blue/Red as long as they have signed an entry blank.  It does not have to be the rider in the division.
6.  CHECK IN WITH YOUR STARTER!  The starter at your ring will take your name or trainer's name and put you in the order for jumping.  
7.  Free stuff!!  Don't forget to get your 2021 pin, your free program, your free cupcake, and free exhibitor bag  (compliments of Kathy Kirchner Boord)!  You can pick these up at the merchandise stand.  We are also having a free dinner on Friday night.  Stay tuned!
8.  We hope your weekend at the Colonial Classic is enjoyable!!  Thank you for spending it with us.


The Colonial Classic Horse Show is a local champions' finals for local exhibitors.  Launched in 2014, the Colonial Classic Horse show is a resounding success, drawing more than 520 exhibitors from 30+ local horse show series from six Mid-Atlantic States.


To qualify, a rider must be a member of a participating local horse show series.  Riders - through their respective horse show series - accumulate points in their division or divisions beginning January 1, 2021 through August 15, 2021.  The top three riders from each division will be selected by their horse show series to show at the Colonial Classic

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Visit the FAQ page to have all your general questions about the Colonial Classic answered.  If you have any more questions don't hesitate to contact us.

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