Taryn Macioce

Amelia PIlat

Patrick Cassidy


Walk Trot/Pre-short

Elayna Turner

Ryan Westervelt

Leah Lofstedt

Kaitlyn Ketchell

Claudia Ossman

Melissa Dawson

Short Stirrup

Tayla Eriksen

Ava Stravato

Lily Carpinone


Traditions Sarah

Prince Charming

Nazzario Vant Steenik 18

Beginner Rider

LIllian Atria

Abigail Dietrich

Eva Sheldon

Allison Casilli

Long Stirrup (adults only)

Sasha Blanchard

Riley Horn

Lillian Dugan

Junior Equitation 14-17

Pleasure Horse

Low Children’s Pony


Children’s Pony

Low Children’s Horse

Top Gun

Just For Fun


Children’s Horse

Moose Tracks

Shield Maiden

Low Adult Hunter

Against The Tide

Falcon DL

St. Thomas

Adult Hunter

Moose Tracks

Baby Green Hunter Horse

Nazario Vant Steenik 18

Going Out Like That

KSB Orillion

Modified Hunters

Tb Division

Professional Division

Brittany Cooper

Patricia Towle

Stephanie Jackson


Itty Bitty Jumpers:

So Stinkin Cute

Lucky Killian

Rich Flight

Prelim Jumpers

Highlife's Cavalli King

Shy Ole NativeDixie

Tasting Stars

Low Child/Adult Jumpers

Moon Shot

Baltic Son


Child/Adult Jumpers

Sonnet FHF​

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