Hudson Valley

1. Lead line: 7 and under
Taryn Macioce
Bailey J. Brown
Finley Keahon
Amelia Pilta

2. Pre-short stirrup: 8 and under
Elayna Turner
Lillian Atria

3. Short Stirrup: 10 and under
Madeline Keahon

4. Short Stirrup Hunter: 10 and under
Spencer, Patrick Cassidy
Skipper Leo Peppy, Emma Gentles
Remember Ember, Madeline Keahon

5. Pleasure Pony:
Skipper Leo Peppy

6. Beginner Rider: Child in first or second year and showing
Sophia Gannon
Addyson Nodhturft
Emerson Schlosser

7. Novice Equitation: open to junior or amateurs who not 3 blues prior to 1/1/21
Daeyln Sabotka
Delaney Sabotka
Lily Carpinone

8. Junior Equitation 13/under:
Christina Anel

9. Junior Equitation 14-17:
Tara Mason

10. Pleasure Horse:
Legally Detailed

11. Low Children’s Pony:
Forget Me Not


12. Children’s Pony:

13. Low Children’s Horse:
Prince Charming

14. Children’s Horse:

15. Low Adult Hunter 2’6”:
Nicolash, Tabitha Collins
Guiltyas a Jail Bird

16. Adult Hunter 3’:

17. Baby Green Hunter Horse:
Legally Detailed
Devils Tower
On My Own

18. Baby Green Hunter Pony:

19. Modified Hunter 2’: open to Juniors and amateurs
Romeo, Sarah Booth
Nicholas, Megan McGill
Second Chance, Brianna T. Demara

20. Long Stirrup Equitation:
Haven Ritchie
Skyla Demaro

21. Tb Division:

22. Professional Division:
Victoria Nichols
Terrance Hubbner
Lindsey Corr

23. Medal:
Nola Jones
Daelyn Sabotka
Delaney Sabotka

24. Itty Bitty Jumpers:
Callie, Emma Bohlingers

Bentley, Victoria L. Nichols/Angelina Riveria
Lucky Killian, Grace Doherty

25. Prelim Jumpers:
Highlife’s Cavalli King, Lucy Turner
Shy Ole Native Dixie, Sandy Walsh
Tasting Stars, Jennifer Malcarne

26. Low Child/Adult Jumper: Open to children and amateurs,
Baltic Son, Antoine Carle
Morgan In Flight, Tabitha Collins
Gatsby, Jayden Hamilton

27. Child/Adult Jumper: open to children and amateurs
Sonnet FHF, Sarah Lipschutz/Anna Arnowich

28. Walk-Trot: 8 and under
Rylee McCarthy
Bevin Betzler
Isabella K. Bua

29. Adult Equitation2’6”: Adult riders
Madison Tamweber
Jordan Rowe
Tara Mason