Thursday Morning 

TB Hunter
Last Call – Zoe Martin
Alayna Rosynek – Old Fashioned
Jillian Borger – Warrior AP

Pleasure Horse
Lynne Epprecht – Take A Mulligan
Paige Dolan – Just Ginger
Kaitlyn Moyer – Queen’s Orders

Baby Green Hunter – 2’3”
Emily Bleam – The First Lady
Poppy Kinsman – A Foreign Affair
Alayna Rosynek – Old Fashioned

Long Stirrup
Kate Dengler – He’s So Fine

Walk-Trot (8 and under)
Grace Vasta
Fawn Fratrick
Taylor Kulp

Pre-Short Stirrup (8 and under)
Dalyce Kulp
Sydney Micciche
Addison Vasta

Short Stirrup Equitation (10 and under)
Valentine Jie
Savannah Sacci
Colton Chizmar

Lead Line
Grant Johnson
Kody Rutherford
Colby Lind

Beginner Rider (children only)
Trinity Grube
Kylani Laub
Cate Curry

Short Stirrup Hunter
Hazel Henry – Bo Derek
Colton Chizmar - Sugarbrook Pink N Green
Valentine Jie - Crimson Queen

Modified Hunter
Alex Means – B Coming One
Emma Coscereanu – Green Eggs and Sam

Low Adult Hunter
Just Ginger – Paige Dolan
Call My Bluff – Kristen Foster

Children’s Hunter Horse (3’)
Ferino - Maci Iddings

Professional Division (2’6” or 3’ choice)
Laura Zachary – Celeste (3’)

Baby Green Hunter Ponies (2’)
Ayla Cohen – Evan’s Queen of the Night

Pleasure Ponies (2’)
Nina Frederick

Low Children’s Horses (2’6”)
Doc Holiday - Caroline Sardoni
What She Said - Hailey Zangora

Children’s Hunter Ponies (2’/2’6”)

Colonial Classic – Sunday

Itty Bitty Jumpers (2’ – 2’3”)
Corrinne Jacoby – Epsom Bloom
Peyton Boynton – Indian Summer
Logan Boynton – B Coming One

Prelim Jumpers (2’6” – 2’9”)
Amy Balash – Bailey’s Irish Dream
Mallory Dutt – Orchard Hills Divine Doll
Danielle Molnar – Promenade Home / Olivia Wagner – Wild Goose Chase TIED

Low Child/Adult Jumpers (3’)
Mallory Dutt – Pretty in Pink

Novice Equitation (2’)
Ian Wallace – Paco
Madison Lohr – Tobias
Sophie Rutherford - Dusty Rose / Grace Adamson – Che La Luna TIED

13 and Under Equitation (2’ pony; 2’6” horse)
Poppy Kinsman
Rylee Simmons

14-17 Equitation (2’ pony; 2’6” horse)
Zoe Martin
Danielle Molnar
Morgan Higgins / Mariah Gallo TIED

Medal – Novice ---- Grace Adamson and Ian Wallace

Medal – Childrens --- Poppy Kinsman, Mariah Gallo and Zoe Martin