Bridge Acres Qualifiers



Valentina Famiglio

Caroline Krawzyk

Paisleigh Stoll-Miller

Walk Trot

Bailey Inch

Ava Wilson

Sloan Marshall


Pre-short stirrup

Kaitlyn Heindel

Amily Antoun

Emma Yalisove


Short Stirrup Equitation

Allie Kotwas

Brooke Henwood

Lena Gebely

Short stirrup Hunter



Northwinds Sting

Pleasure Pony

Farnley Fiona FAirytale

Wild Roses

Silver Mist

Junior Equitation  13/under

Lindsey Mecouch

Emma Spence-Bowen

Charlie Teloh


Junior Equitation 14-17

Talia Brinker

Lydia Kitsch

Lilia Reichstein



Beginner Equitation

Francesca De Simone

Brooke Henwood

CArly Wise

Novice Equitation

Fiona O'Rourke

Carly Gutmann

Anna Homesy

Long Stirrup

Carol Wolf

Susan Gabriel

Liz Cunningham


Low Children's Hunter Pony


Farnley Fiona FAirytale

Silver Mist

Children's Hunter Pony

All That Sparkle

Ethced in Irish

Here for the Party

Low Children's Hunter Horse

BAttle Royalty

Last Man's Legacy

Tell The Truth

Children's Hunter Horse

Designated Driver

Baby Green Hunter Horse

Ruby Tuesday

Island Lady

Second Chance

Baby Green Pony

Enchanted Encounter

Empire's Power Play


Pleasure Horse


Soldier Boy


Modified Hunter

Everybody Loves Raymond

Sunday Bonnett


Low Adult Hunter

E Norton Z

Captain Morgan

Kirkwood Ranger

Adult Hunter

Tequila Sunrise

Sunrise Bird

Tb Hunter

Battle Royalty

Technical Difficulties

Destined To Be

Adult Equitation

Amber Middleton

Sophie Bonsib

Laura Rutledge







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