Keira Huntington

Kate McDermott

Malina Bellafiore

Pre-short Stirrup

Alana Smalls

TAylor Kipp

Short Stirrup Equitation

Olivia Pope

Piper Sims

Zoey Farrell

Short Stirrup Hunter

Let's Dance

Annabelle Blue

Cookie Monster

Pleasure Pony

Windy Way's Lady Like

Forever Cool

All Eyes in Me

Beginner Rider

Maya Cosbrove

Lucia Belafiore

Lily Blackstone

Novice Equitation

Mimi Shapiro

Ella Muschlitz

Adaline Ruff

Daly Wargo

Junior Equitation 13 & Under

Zoe Duvall

Ana Szefc

Ryelee Thacker

Junior Equitation 14-17

Alexandria Russell

Mackenzie Bingham

Victoria Hanbury

Adult Equitation

Martha McCurdy

Kelly Quinn

Krinstine Spaid

Pleasure Horse

On The  Rox

Bryn Taran Skylark



Low Children's Pony Hunter

Shh Don't Tell Daddy

Lucky CHamp

Children's Pony Hunter

Toy Machine

All Eyes in Me

Forever Cool

Low Children's Hunter Horse

Louis Vuitton

Final Destination

One For All

Children's Hunter Horse

Reve de Souvenirs

So It Goes

Authentic Star

Low Adult Hunter Horse

About Time


Fifth Avenue

Adult Hunter Horse

Mirror Image


Edling Vande Kroon

Baby Green Hunter Horse

Be Tempted

Mistaken Identity


Baby Green Hunter Pony

Mon Petit Chou

Valyrian Steel

Modified Hunters



Bryn Taran Skylark

Long Stirrup

Juliet Taylor

Debby Heyes

Jennifer Sulin-Stair

TB Hunter


Sound of Silence

Rocket Roxanne

Professional Hunters

Courtney Somers

Holly Stello

Renee Kidd

Itty Bitty Jumper

High Maintenance

Rocket Power

Neverlands Tinkerbell​

Prelim Jumpers

High Maintenance

Flying Punch

It Must Be Magic

Low Child/Adult Jumpers

It Must Be Magic


Child/Adult Jumpers

William Wallace LG

Willow LG

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