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Leadline 7 & Under

Charlotte Gohrband 

Helen Collins-Ellingsworth

Ryan Best 


Walk/Trot 8 & Under

Rylee Abell 

Madeleine Merkel 

Amelia Signorelli 

Pre-short Stirrup 

Kinsley Sutherland

Ellie Collinson 

Harper Campbell


Short Stirrup

Bella Huff 

Malina Bellafiore 

Clara Collins-Ellingsworth


Short Stirrup Hunter

King of the North 

River Boat Blues

Splash Of Blue


Cross Rail Hunter

Sadie Allen 

Juliana Langlois


Pleasure Pony

Wild Blue Yonder


Oakey Dokey Smokey


Beginner Rider 10/under

 Charlotte Contardo

Taylor Kipp 

Kate McDermott


Beginner Rider 11-17

Joie Brewer

Gabrielle Engle 

Juliana Langlois

Novice Equitation

 Joie Brewer

Kylie Collier 

Addie Bingham

Audrey Contardo 

Phoebe Koudinya 

Junior Equitation 13 & Under

Piper Sims 

Ziva Carr 

Sophia Lavanway 

Katie Jacobson


Junior Equitation 14-17 

Zoe Duvall 

  Mira Stengel 

Evelyn E. Clark

Sally B. Greene 


Adult Equitation 

Mackenzie Bingham

Colleen Reilly

Megan Varne 

Lorraine DiRienzo


Pleasure Horse


This Time, With Passion



Low Children's Pony Hunter

Southern Cross


Annabel Blue


Children's Pony Hunter 

Annabelle Blue

l Stoneledge Coralea 

Shark Attack


Low Children's Hunter Horse

Gotham’s Dreamcatcher

Chef's Kiss 

Tinsel Town 

Children's Hunter Horse


Prince Of Ocala 

Anchor's Ahead 


Low Adult Hunter

About Time 

Monroe Doctrine 

Lombard 198


Adult Hunter Horse

Louis Vuitton 

Mirror Image 

Meadow Magic 



Baby Green Hunter Horse






Baby Green Hunter Pony

Annabelle Blue

Way Too Charming

Modified Hunter Horse

One for All 

Potomac Nikki

Last Won Standing

Modified Hunter Pony (2')

Wild Blue Yonder

Hippity Hop

Tater Tot

Long Stirrup 

Cf Consigliere

Rebel Girl 

Moonstrucks Phoenix


Thoroughbred Hunter


Roy Meets World 

Cotton Candy 

Trade Secret

Professional Hunter

Renee Kidd

Courtney Somers


Puddle Jumpers 18"

Samson's Magic Night

OCF Bumble Bee 


Itty Bitty Jumpers

High Maintenance 

Coachman's Cognac

Willowbend's Go for Launch

Skywalker Audrey Buoniconti


Prelim Jumpers

It Must Be Magic

I Think I Can (Janie)

HD Bliss 


TB Jumpers

Wicked Game

Suave Juan


Low Child/Adult Jumpers 3'

It Must Be Magic 

Gabriel's Grand 


Child/Adult Jumpers 3'3"

Despite Resistance 


Curious George

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