Cross Roads Tack Qualifiers
Molly Flom
Julia Zentner
Lainey Trawitz

Bailey Cassel
Naomi Decandia

Pre-Short Stirrup

Bruce Bechtel III
Cara Miller
Mayla Berger

Short Stirrup Equitation
Emerson Miller
Ella Fisher
Sylvia Schach

Short Stirrup Hunter
Tu ES Bella
Pleasure Pony
Stuck on Replay
All the Roses

Beginner Rider
Sylvia Schach
Sophie Musser
Alexis Doane

JR Equiation 13/under
Lena Gebley
Carleigh Walker
Hailey Ungemach

Junior Equitation 14-17
Megan Hahn

Pleasure Horse
Ima Sweet Invitationn

Low Children's Horse
Technical Difficulties
Once Upon a Time
I'll Take Mine Black

Children's Horse
Moment of Victory

Low Adult Hunters
Shez ALways Invited
Starring My Boy Toy

Adult Hunters
Madison Ginder

Baby Green Hunter Horse
Exceeding Expectations
Days of Glory

Baby Green Pony
SLF Rewrite the Stars
Tu ES Bella

Rootbeer Float
Exceeding Expectations

Long Stirrup (Adult crossrails)
Amy Bernstiel
Nicole Keever
Lindsey Kistler

Tb Dvision
Technical Difficulties
Exceeding Expections

Professional Division
Erika Kurtz
Annie Johnston
Tasha Plunket

Itty Bitty Jumpers
Case & Point
SLF Rewrite the Stars
DAsh of Coco

Prelim Jumpers
Moment of Victory
Dash of Coco
Bantry Bay's Shelby