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Windswept Acres 2022 Qualifying list

1. Bronwen Nields
2. Alexandra Perez
3. Hayden Gierlich

PreShort Stirrup-
1. Abigail Kochel- Whiskey Business
2. Hope Konnick- God of War
3. Cora Sabia

Short Stirrup Equitation
1.Kendall Christman- Limited Edition
2. Addison Hoyt- God of War
3. Cora Sabia- Pine Creek Emma

Short Stirrup Hunter
1. Kendall Christman- Limited Edition

Beginner Rider
1.Lorelei Majewski- Fancy Like
2. Christine Weil- Whiskey Business
3. Aubrey McHenry- Addison

Junior Equitation
1. Miriam Bosler (14-17)- PS Im a Lovely Gal

Adult Equitation
1. Emily Hershorn
2.Michaella DaTillo

Children’s Horse
1. Lita Savage- Flying Colors

Low Adult Hunter
1. Cynthia Weber- Boardwalk Empire
2. Ella Zaengle

Adult Hunter
1. Cynthia Weber- Boardwalk Empire

Cross Rail Hunter
1. Beth Stephenson- Myth
2. Carly Hillard-The Chestnut Mare
3. Megan Salamone- Apollo

Modified Pony
1. Kendall Christman- Limited Edition

Modified Horse
1. Miriam Bosler- PS Im a Lovely Gal
2. Bryce Atherholt- Fancy Like

TB Hunter
1. Kathy Malm- Mr. Imposter
2. Jessica Lampe- Katmandu
3. Angela Seripico- False ID

Itty Bitty Jumpers
1. Courtney Conner- Ruby Slippers
2. Tristan Hoffman- Ziggy
3. Maddie Wilson- Proven Theory

Prelim Jumpers
1. Nicole Stankiewicz- Getting Ziggy With It
2. Will Slater- Chewy
3.Hannah Fitterling- Cha Ching

Child/Adult Jumpers
1. Emily Wallace Sutton- Blue Me Away
2. Will Slater- Sir Wallace
3. Maria DiPerro- Jamarjo

TB Jumper-
1. Leigh Berman- Sheena Won Two
2. Becky Stinson- Molotof
3. Grace Federico/Jamie Gilbert-Kulp -A Million Reasons Why

Professional Division- Leigh Berman

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