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Windswept Acres 

Child/adult jumpers
1. Nicole Stankiewicz- Getting Ziggy With It
2. Sarah Jagiela- In Living Color
3. Angela Serpico-False ID 

Preliminary Jumpers
1. Sarah Jagiela- In Living Color
2. Carmela Jenckes- Rolex
3. Ashlynn Vazquez- Eternal Bliss

Tb Jumpers
1. Avery Kelly- False ID
2. Shannon Shea-Mean Sally
3. Erin Ryan-Brodie

1. Claudia Dollinger
2. Caitlin Marion- Yours Truly
3. Kendall Christman- Limited Edition

Low Adult Hunter
1. Lita Savage- Flying Colors
2. Kim Lamphere-Oliver Paycheck
3. Grace Miller- Guilty as Charged

Low Children's Horse
1.Jeanna Sottosanti-2liano

TB hunter
1. Angela Serpico-False ID
2. Bethany Sagath- Tequila Rose
3. Erin Myers- Candy Time Spirit

Junior Equitation
1. Jeanna Sottosanti
2. Reid Kuriashkin
3. Olivia Yorgey

Adult Equitation
1. Alexa Pepe
2. Emma Cliver

Modified hunter 

1. Laurie Beson- In2uition

2. Sophie Corodi- I Told You So

3. Kendall Christman- limited Edition 

Crossrail Hunter
1. Maddie Crandall- All the Single Ladies
2. Lorelei Majewski- Mona Lisa Smile
3. Reagan Bright-Rome Wasn't Built in A Day

Beginner Rider
1. Abigail Donegan
2. Emily Donegan
3. Olivia Neff

Long stirrup
1. Emily Miller

Short stirrup Equitation
1. Lindsay Pluckhorn
2. Grant Johnson
3. Olivia Neff

Walk/trot- MUST BE 8 AND UNDER for Colonial
1. Bronwen Nields
2. Hope Konnick
3. Amanda Haldeman

1.Sadie Lossino
2. Hailey Mast
3. Hunter Johnson

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